The Mind Game – Part 1

I can be rolling along quite nicely on the golf course, like a sweet old lady on her way to tea with a friend. Then, with the suddenness of a purse-snatcher darting out of an alleyway to grab my handbag, I am instantly a victim. The unmentionable–that which cannot be named–has invoked its wrath. To name it might give it more power over me. The hosel rocket is the closest I’ll come. It’s a strange thing. It’s a like a demon that has … [Read more...]

The key to great PR is GR — Part I

Last this fall, I was referred to as a “PR guy” by blogger Robert Thompson in relation to the communications work that I do for Nike Golf Canada. I’ve been called worse things. Most people in my line of work hate the acronym PR, short for public relations. So to be called a PR guy or, worse, a flak, is not our favourite thing. (I laughed it off with friends. Honest. Scout’s honour.) The preference is ‘communications professional,’ but PR guy is … [Read more...]