Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor is a golf coach, an award-winning writer, and speaker.

Sticking up for Yourself?

Other than at work, most guys would rather put their hand into a burning flame than tell another man what to do. Even if it’s couched as a polite ask. And even if whatever the other man is doing is bugging the hell out of us. We suck at speaking up for ourselves. It happens in golf all the time. Let’s say you’re setting up to putt, and you notice that a member of your group is standing behind you on your line. He’s gathering intel on how his … [Read more...]

A poetic alternative to trying so hard

With the Blue Jays set to begin their wildcard playoff series this afternoon, I thought it was timely to re-publish a 2016 blog that includes some Mad Magazine baseball poetry and wisdom from Lily Tomlin that could empower you to play better golf—not by trying harder, but by playing “softer."             We marvel at the Shortstop’s art:                  Just to see him swerve and lunge and dart!             Of course, to some, it makes no … [Read more...]

What to Think About Over the Ball?

During a Zoom group coaching call last week, one of our participants was fidgeting like a five-year-old  after a birthday party. My Golf is Life online group was discussing some on-course strategies when—with obvious exasperation—he blurted, “Yes, that’s great. But what do you think about when you’re over the ball?” Everyone laughed. He hit a collective nerve; it was a flashpoint of recognition of everyone's never-ending search for the … [Read more...]

Are You an Earnest Grinder?

Are you an earnest grinder? I’ll bet that, like the overwhelming majority of golfers that I know, you are. How to tell? Do you show up before your round in a desperate search for a swing thought that—'please dear golf gods'—will work today? Are you forever tinkering with your game, trying this and that, combing through your Rolodex of past swing thoughts, and recallilng snippets of wisdom from Uncle Steve? Do you consider yourself a ‘student … [Read more...]

George McNamara: Lessons of a Master

If you’ve had a coaching style for about 20 years, it would be human nature to think your approach is pretty good. You might think of yourself as an expert and a difference maker. Especially, if you've been certified as a Master Professional. But imagine that after two decades or so, you realize something quite alarming—that the approach you’ve been religiously following doesn’t help people. In fact, it prolongs their mediocrity. You might … [Read more...]