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Get Your Game Unstuck With Coaching

I create a learning experience in which all golfers draw on their natural ability to play with greater mastery.Regardless of your ability, you will learn to swing freely, creating greater consistency and distance. Beginners learn to make solid contact, hit the ball more accurately, and feel more comfortable. Intermediates learn how to finally move their game forward, and take it from the range to the course. Low handicap players learn to go lower … [Read More...]

My book finally cometh

I have once again proved the rule that applies to home renovations, the integration of new software in any business, and projects such as writing books: take whatever time you think it will take and triple it.About seven weeks ago, I realized that I wouldn’t have my Quiet Mind Golf book ready for publication this spring. It also occurred to me that the last chapter was very, very long.Then I had a brilliant idea like in cartoons when a lightbulb … [Read More...]

Here’s what some of my students are saying

After feeling stuck and tired of inconsistency, I went to Tim O’Connor for lessons at The Golf House. With Tim, I learned how to swing freely through the ball toward a target. I now strike the ball better than ever, and I can hit draws and fades at will. I am confident that I will shave a couple of strokes off the card next season. Tim has been a big help. I am grateful for his insights and patience.Larry KichFrustrated by my golf game and … [Read More...]

Tom Watson’s high tech training device—a wire coat hangar

I love this. In a high-gloss golf instruction world teeming with high-production videos and digital devices comes a reminder that simple and cheap can be amazing. Take a gander at this wonderful bit of vintage Tom Watson that a friend sent me this week. The video nicely jives with my image of Watson as no-nonsense, down-to-earth guy. In the video, ol’ Tom shows how you can fashion a coat hanger into a training device. Yes, a measly wire coat … [Read More...]

If you’re struggling, you may be mistaking the ball for the target

When I start working with a new client, I will almost always play a game of catch.(To read my latest blogs, please visit I walk around, the student stands in one place and throws a golf ball to my out-stretched hand, which is sometimes high and low, but always moving.Without fail, the person will throw the ball accurately to my hand every time. I’ll then ask them how they did it. The answer is almost always: “I have no … [Read More...]

My blog has moved … to Substack

Thanks for coming to my website. FYI, that I have moved my blog to Substack and even given it a name: Up & Down. You can find me there on In moving to Substack, I'm taking a deeper dive into writing, and posting more often. It's my hope that if you've enjoyed my stuff in the past, or you're intrigued, that you'll take a look at my new blogging home. The website will continue to provide information on my golf and … [Read More...]

I’m Not Really a Goals Guy

It was bound to come up. I was hoping it might not, but it did. We had a couple over for dinner on New Year’s Day. We had a wonderful time, doing what couples do: reviewing our Christmas holidays and what we did on NY Eve—for the record, we made it past midnight—and the state of our dogs and kids. Then, the question was asked. “So, Tim what are your goals for this year?” There it was. I took a breath and offered that I was focused on … [Read More...]

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