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Unlocking the Cell Door to Our Self-Created Hell

I got COVID over Christmas. And, in many ways, it was a gift.Apart from feeling tired for the first few days, I just felt like I had a cold. After I tested positive, the testing centre doctor said it’s highly likely that I only had mild symptoms because I was double-vaxxed. Within a week, I was back to feeling normal—whatever that is.As you may surmise, it was a quiet Christmas. There are only so many books I can read, and music documentaries … [Read More...]

The Gift of Gratitude

Fortunately, I’ve never been one of those people: The folks that race around on Christmas Eve hoping they can still find gifts.If you’re one of those people, well, hey, no judgment. I can’t stand stores and malls to begin with, so it’s just pain avoidance. I think it’s the same reason I haven’t suffered a hangover in years. Touch wood.I was thinking of what I could offer on Christmas Eve to you folks kind of enough to subscribe to my blog. Or … [Read More...]

Just stop it

Watch for news about an exciting new program that PGA of Canada professional Nathan Robinson and I are launching in early 2022. I’m getting wonderful feedback from participants in our first two Golf is Line: Online Golf Nerd Group. If you’re interested, check out this blog and this one, and send me an email to And, I will be doing some indoor coaching this winter. News to come. This blog contains some great advice. Not … [Read More...]

Golf is life II

I received some interesting feedback last week on my post that proclaimed the golf season is never over because … golf is life. The way we operate in life affects how we play golf, and if we want to make a difference in our golf, we can start by looking at how our golf and our lives intersect. It was with this theme in mind that I invited folks to my Tuesday, November 30 online session, which I’ve since called the ‘Golf is Life: Online Golf Nerd … [Read More...]

Golf is Life

You are invited to a free online golf groupYes, it’s November. But if you think that means golf is over, you are mistaken. Because … golf is life. How we live—especially how we think—affects how we play golf. How we play golf is how we live. That's why golf is a 24/7-365 deal.  For those of you who’ve watched Ted Lasso, you know that when you commit to what’s fundamentally important, you change your game—and you can also change … [Read More...]

Slow & Steady Isn’t the Only Way to Win at Golf

It's always surprising when the golf season closes. It seems as if one minute you’re in shorts, and the next thing you’re sporting a toque.It seems that things happen pretty quickly in all parts of life, except, unfortunately, on a golf course. This blog isn’t about slow play and how to play faster, which has been covered thoroughly elsewhere.This is about a recent experience that reminded me you can play well—and perhaps even better—by playing … [Read More...]

How do I stop the noise?

The following is an interview in Fairways Magazine with me about quieting our minds and our pesky inner critic by applying mindfulness to golf. It was conducted by  Editor Peter Mumford, an old friend and fellow golf nerd. As golfers, all of us have hit poor shots, maybe had an entire round when nothing seemed to go right. Our emotions take over and our minds are filled with anger, frustration and likely a lot of conflicting ideas … [Read More...]

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