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How do I stop the noise?

The following is an interview in Fairways Magazine with me about quieting our minds and our pesky inner critic by applying mindfulness to golf. It was conducted by  Editor Peter Mumford, an old friend and fellow golf nerd. As golfers, all of us have hit poor shots, maybe had an entire round when nothing seemed to go right. Our emotions take over and our minds are filled with anger, frustration and likely a lot of conflicting ideas … [Read More...]

As the (Pearl Jam) song goes, Just Breathe…

I love it when readers challenge my blogs. After Friday’s blog was published, I received a great email from one of my subscribers.The blog, entitled There is a much simpler way to play solid golf, relayed how Charles Fitzsimmons focused on his breathing to help him calm down and get present when he was having an “Oh-my-God moment” during the 2021 Canadian Mid-Amateur Championship, which he went on to win.I wrote my reader back to explain why I … [Read More...]

There is a much simpler way to play solid golf

Golf can be much simpler than most players make it. Most of the time, golfers are trying hard to put some kind of mechanical fix to work, or think positive thoughts, or even apply a sports psyche technique. Most of the time, despite—and because of—these kinds of efforts, most golfers play as poorly as they usually do.  And under any kind of pressure, especially a tournament, a round can really go to hell. There is a much simpler way to … [Read More...]


No one wants to shoot a million in a golf tournament, and have their friends see it online.But that’s the deal these days, whether you’re playing in a provincial qualifier, a local invitational or men’s and ladies' day at a club. (Yes, ‘ladies' day.’ It’s so yesterday, but most clubs still go with it. Sigh.)I’m pretty sure the guy I played with recently in a tournament didn’t want the score from “my worst game of the year” posted.He remained … [Read More...]

‘What just happened?’

You were sailing along quite nicely when suddenly you launch one into the woods. Or hit a shank.It’s like, there we were, not hurting anyone, being nice, enjoying a lovely game of golf—and suddenly, we are victimized by some atrocious shot!After watching the ball sail into the trees, or scuttle into thigh-high fescue, we may stand there for a moment—with our hands on our head and the misbehaving club on the ground—and exclaim, “What just … [Read More...]

A little awareness goes a long way in shooting low scores

Swing Thoughts podcast pards: GSL (aka Howard Glassman on left) and me You may assume that golfers who have a chance to break 70—whether they’re elite amateurs or professionals—are super chill, but they have the same anxieties as anyone on the precipice of possibly breaking 120-110-100-90 or 80 All golfers have that rare round where they become conscious they have one hell of a score going, and realize, ‘Holy crap, today could be the … [Read More...]

How to make more putts without changing your stroke

Most golfers are frustrated. Not because they don’t put in enough effort to play what they consider ‘good’ golf. They are frustrated that they put in all kinds of effort, but they consider most of their golf to be ‘bad.’ However, every once in a while, you have gained a glimpse of your true potential when golf seemed easy. But those moments seem fleeting, and they often take us by surprise. This blog is about how surprises can often show … [Read More...]

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