The key to great PR is GR — Part II

Welcome back from the break, and we’ll continue with our chat on communications. (This is based on a talk that I gave last fall to first-year students in the Turfgrass Management program at the University of Guelph. Check out Part I.) My key message is that great superintendents excel at creating great conditions, but they also need skills in business and communications. The best superintendents that I’ve run across at semi-private or private … [Read more...]

The key to great PR is GR — Part I

Last this fall, I was referred to as a “PR guy” by blogger Robert Thompson in relation to the communications work that I do for Nike Golf Canada. I’ve been called worse things. Most people in my line of work hate the acronym PR, short for public relations. So to be called a PR guy or, worse, a flak, is not our favourite thing. (I laughed it off with friends. Honest. Scout’s honour.) The preference is ‘communications professional,’ but PR guy is … [Read more...]