Walk Your Talk Workshops

Tim O’Connor speaks about commitment and accountability as positive forces

Using the positive attributes of commitment and accountability, participants in the Walk Your Talk workshop learn the tools, techniques and principles that improve follow-through, facilitate communication, increase morale and enhance execution that leads to growing your business.

While commitment and accountability have harsh reputations, in this workshop, you will experience the aspirational power that moves people and organizations toward their goals—and provides a process that inspires people to walk their talk and do what they say they will do.

Available as either half- or full-day workshops designed for senior executives and managers, Walk Your Talk workshops are customized to your organization, deliver post-workshop materials that accelerate the learning, and provide ongoing team and individual coaching that apply the principles and tools in the context of business realities.

We start the process of enhancing and growing your business with a complimentary consultation that allows me to discover the strengths and challenges of your organization, prepare a proposal, and then customize the workshop to the specific needs and aspirations of your business. The ideal workshop size is 15 – 20 participants; smaller class sizes are also available.

“I attended Tim O’Connor’s  Walk Your Talk workshop. This was a great session for the group which led to some excellent discussions. The most impressive part of the day was how Tim facilitated an open environment to discuss our struggles in our roles and he was able to provide us with tools to help us be successful in our busy times. It was one of the first times the discussion revolved around our personal lives and the importance of taking care of our home life which will help us be successful in our work life. Tim provided the group with a fresh new outlook on success which was enlightening for most.”

– Craig Cupido PGA, Director of Operations
RattleSnake Point Golf Club

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Workshop Overview

The challenge of leadership

  • Once we set the path, how do we get there?
  • Walking your talk—and getting others to do so—requires commitment to move forward. Accountability keeps you on the path

Despite negative perceptions, positivity abounds

  • Instead of shaming and blaming, accountability is an powerful force when it is used to empower people, facilitate learning, enhance relationships and foster interdependence that leads to executing on a clearly defined path

Expanding the definition of accountability

  • An inspiring process that empowers your people to make and execute commitments that enable them to reach their personal and business goals

When accountability is missing

  • Relationships with clients and personnel suffer, trust erodes, priorities become skewed, and targets are missed

Responsibility is a choice

  • Following through on commitments that are based on a prioritized plan begins with conscious choices and clearly defined agreements

Nothing happens without agreements and commitments

  • Dedicating oneself to actions based on agreements enhances relationships and teamwork that keeps everyone on the path

The Invitation—the key to equitable accountability

  • From the top to the bottom, everyone rows in the same direction when everyone is willing to be held to account

Accountability in action

  • Facilitated exercises, games and role playing to learn and experience the energizing and inspirational power of making commitments and inviting others to hold you to account

The process—keeping everyone moving forward together

  • How to support teams when commitments are unfulfilled and agreements broken, and the importance of acknowledging big and small successes

Renegotiate when talk is just talk

  • Cleaning up messes, learning, restoring relationships and re-negotiating agreements that put your team back on the path

The essential element

  • Walk your talk