Commit to Freedom: The Key to Peak Performance Workshop

Commitment > Performance > Results

 This half-day workshop answers two key questions:
  • Why do people say they will do things and then not do them?
  • What are the keys to creating a high-performing culture?

Participants leave the workshop with practical tools for:

  • Getting beyond self-sabotage
  • Following through on commitments
  • Leveraging personal integrity when coaching direct reports

Here’s what participants in Tim O’Connor’s workshops have said:

  • “Tim taught me to hold myself and my team accountable.”
  • “I realized we spend most of our daily life drifting through tasks, and that we make better choices when we make commitments.”
  • “Tim has a great way of helping me better understand how I think.”
  • “I realized that being more accountable to myself will help me coach my people to achieve better results.”

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