Are You Doubling Down on Fixes that Fail?

Whether it’s tour pros or weekend warriors, the overwhelming majority of golfers feel like their games are infected by something gross and horrible, but they seem powerless to cure it. A player knows, for example, that if she swings smoothly, the ball will arc triumphantly over a pond. Instead, her iron inexplicably slams behind the ball, and the ball ignominiously scuttles into the drink. Or a player dreams of a buttery putting stroke. … [Read more...]

How Could a Book About Eating Help with Your Golf Game?

Of the recent golf books that I’ve read, one of the best was Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Approach by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. Yes, a book about eating. The foundation of the book—with many studies to back it up—is the conviction that diets do not work, and it offers a different and far more satisfying way to enjoy food and be healthy. How could a book about eating help with your golf game? Well, first consider some of … [Read more...]

Make it your intention to have an intention

The role of intention is a key component to the game-changing holistic program that golf professional Nate Robinson and I are launching in April called Quiet Mind Golf: Better Golf Through Inner Mastery. Contact me at to explore the exciting possibilities for your game. Yes, your friendly, neighbourhood golf and performance coach became that guy. The no-talking, sulking, pouting, fast-walking angry man that no one wants … [Read more...]

What’s Holding You Back?

Why do people get stuck? Why don’t many golfers improve despite their hurculean efforts? Like many golfers, Fairways Magazine Editor Peter Mumford has wondered about this.Peter asked my thoughts in the following interview on what’s holding people back, and how they might start to move forward.We’ve all heard for years that golfers in general aren’t getting better. Presumably, some are ok with that; playing at a level that allows them to enjoy the … [Read more...]

Unlocking the Cell Door to Our Self-Created Hell

I got COVID over Christmas. And, in many ways, it was a gift. Apart from feeling tired for the first few days, I just felt like I had a cold. After I tested positive, the testing centre doctor said it’s highly likely that I only had mild symptoms because I was double-vaxxed. Within a week, I was back to feeling normal—whatever that is. As you may surmise, it was a quiet Christmas. There are only so many books I can read, and music documentaries … [Read more...]