My book finally cometh

I have once again proved the rule that applies to home renovations, the integration of new software in any business, and projects such as writing books: take whatever time you think it will take and triple it.

About seven weeks ago, I realized that I wouldn’t have my Quiet Mind Golf book ready for publication this spring. It also occurred to me that the last chapter was very, very long.

Then I had a brilliant idea like in cartoons when a lightbulb appears over someone’s head: Put the last chapter out as a stand-alone book! Just get the damn thing on Amazon.

I set a deadline of midnight Sunday, March 17th to complete the fine edits and proofing. After marathon sessions, I finished it  at 11:50 a.m. Monday

After getting some feedback on my original title, now I’m leaning toward calling it: Getting Unstuck: Six Transformational Practices for Golf Nerds. (I’m open for your suggestions. Hell, I’m asking for them!)

Getting Unstuck is this close to being in the production phase. I’ll keep you posted on when it will be available.

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About Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor is a golf coach, an award-winning writer, and speaker. Tim takes a holistic approach, coaching golfers in the physical and mental aspects of golf. He co-hosts the Swing Thoughts podcast with Howard Glassman, and is the author of The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story. He plays bass in CID—a Guelph punk band!