Working out is hard to do, when it’s new

There’s always a bit of inertia to overcome before a workout—a little voice that asks, ‘You don’t really want to do this, do you?’ Fortunately, I’ve managed to overcome that voice for most of my adult life; my father set a good example for me, I know it supports my golf, and I just like sweating. Makes me feel like my toxins bleed out. Yet, when I started working with Dr. Jeff Smeaton of the Dynamic Health and Performance in Oakville, … [Read more...]

I place myself in the hands of Dr. Jeff

I had a fitness assessment last Friday whereupon I learned that with less hair, I am now less flexible. Or as my doctor says about the cause of various maladies: "Too many birthdays." With hopes that my 58-year-old bod can still deliver on my dreams (delusions?) that I can have my best golf season ever, I have engaged with Dr. Jeff Smeaton of Dynamic Health and Performance in Oakville, Ontario. He's a chiropractor and certified Titleist … [Read more...]