Stop trying so hard and start playing better

This column appeared this week in Junior Golf News published by the Canadian Junior Golf Association, but the core message is also applicable to all golfers. Here’s some hard-nosed advice for bringing your competition to its knees during this competitive golf season: Don’t try so hard. If you’re reading this column, I’m pretty sure that you have worked your tail off: You’ve likely put in the hours hitting balls through the winter and you … [Read more...]

A poetic alternative to trying so hard

As the baseball season beckons and golf courses open in northern climes, I present you with a little poetry from the esteemed journal Mad Magazine.             We marvel at the Shortstop’s art:                  Just to see him swerve and lunge and dart!             Of course, to some, it makes no sense             Because the ball just cleared the fence;             But in the field the Shortstop knows             That he must … [Read more...]