Better Golf Through Awareness

Ezine #10, June 28, 2017—Most amateurs think the pros on TV are super chill, under control and thinking the right thoughts. You would be wrong. They can be just as crazy as the rest of us. But the difference between the best and the rest is that elite players know how to deal with harrowing thoughts and feelings through awareness and process. One of the best examples is the story of Jason Day during the final round of the 2015 PGA … [Read more...]

Stop trying so hard and start playing better

This column appeared this week in Junior Golf News published by the Canadian Junior Golf Association, but the core message is also applicable to all golfers. Here’s some hard-nosed advice for bringing your competition to its knees during this competitive golf season: Don’t try so hard. If you’re reading this column, I’m pretty sure that you have worked your tail off: You’ve likely put in the hours hitting balls through the winter and you … [Read more...]

Jason Day’s story and credo: Never Say Die

I would have posted something about Jordan Spieth today if I could found a piece as powerful as this video about Jason Day. (I'll discuss Spieth and his amazing breakthrough season another day.) This video is compelling and bittersweet, and tells Day's story of transformation from a hard-luck kid to a major champion. I would encourage anyone who wants to pursue a greater purpose in his or her life to watch this over and over to fully absorb … [Read more...]

Even Jason Day worries about blowing it

All golfers worry about screwing up. Our minds just go there. It even happened to Jason Day on the final hole Sunday in the PGA Championship. The difference between major champions such as Day and most other golfers is that they know how to deal with those harrowing thoughts. Day has struggled with them in the past; on Sunday he didn't. Check out Day's thoughts Sunday on the 18th hole where he had a three-shot lead over Jordan … [Read more...]

Redemption Day for Jason

Admit it. You may have shed a tear—or at least felt a tug—when Jason Day welled up on the final green Sunday. Well, even if you didn't, it was a beautiful moment for the 27-year-old Australian and for golf fans at Whistling Straits and watching on TV. A boy from a humble background who loses his father at 12 and overcomes early struggles with alcohol as youngster becomes a great professional golfer, but he can’t close the deal in the biggest … [Read more...]