Does failing to deliver on my commitments mean I’m an unconscious jerk?

Can you say you're going to do something ... and then NOT do it ... and still be in integrity? You might be surprised. Is God so powerful that he could make a rock so big that even he couldn’t lift … [Read more...]

The toughest—and best—questions that you can ask yourself

One of my favourite Monty Python bits is the deadliest joke sketch—about a joke so funny that it killed whoever read or heard it.   My vote for the hardest question that you can ask yourself is this: Do I do what I say I am going to do? Most everyone hates this question. It's a beast. Asking yourself this question is more difficult than if someone else asks it. You could evade, bullshit, weave a … [Read more...]

Guelph Mercury: Is Rob Ford the Socrates of our age?

(Originally published Jan 21, 2013) What do Socrates and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have in common? While one wore a toga, and the other wears a blue suit that’s perpetually open, both were taken to court for contravening rules of the state. Both felt persecuted by people they believed were misguided. Socrates and Ford are also both known for apologies that really are not apologies. Although Socrates’ self-defence against charges of … [Read more...]