A Masters full of sweet endings

Yesterday's Masters was full of sweet endings. Once Dustin Johnson hit over the water on 15, the Masters was largely over, and DJ finished the job with the stoicism and chill that we have all associated with him. I loved the hugs and tears with his brother and Paulina, but to me, the best part was his interview with Amanda Balionis. Sure, DJ may have felt a sense of validation after his other major heartbreaks, but when Balionis … [Read more...]

Finally! USGA makes no-brainer rules change

Glory, glory, hallelujah! USGA changes rule! Now there's no penalty for accidently moving your ball on the green. This follows this year's gong show U.S. Open that almost cost Dustin Johnson. Now, if you accidently move your ball or your ball marker, just replace them and you're good to go. Why did it take this freaking long to get this common sense rules change? A good ol' sh*t storm of bad PR. Never underestimate the power of … [Read more...]

“Really?” DJ hangs tough to win his first major. Finally

Dustin Johnson’s win at the U.S. Open was one of the weirdest and gutsiest in major championship history. In 30 years of paying close attention to golf, I’ve never seen a situation where a player didn’t know if he had the lead, was one behind or two ahead for the final seven holes of a major. Ultimately, he was penalized a stroke by the USGA once he finished the round, but it was moot because he had a four-shot lead. Of course, there’s … [Read more...]

The blustery question of what you can control

Years ago when I watched the Open Championship, I used to think that the players in the afternoon draw on Thursday must be frustrated that the morning conditions are almost always easier. We saw in yesterday’s opening round that Dustin Johnson shot 66 in gentler winds and moderate temperatures in the morning. Phil Mickleson played well in the afternoon, but was satisfied with 70. It was the best he could do in the cold, raw wind. Yes, all … [Read more...]

How about we don’t rush, walk or even amble to judgment

After Dustin Johnson three-putted on the last hole of the U.S. Open to sickeningly lose his opportunity win his first major championship, there was a grand rush to judgment. In the media, at golf clubs and around the proverbial water cooler, the general consensus was that Johnson tried to hole his slippery downhiller for eagle and the win, and that he should have just eased it down there to ensure a playoff. It was another choke among his four … [Read more...]