Get results by focusing on what you really can control

I wrote this column for the recent issue of Canadian Junior Golf Association magazine, and added a few new bits. I believe that focusing on process rather than results can pay dividends in most everything we do. During a recent phone call with a 16-year-old client, he said gravely, “Coach, can I ask you something?” He was bummed out about the qualifying event that he had played that day. He teed off focusing on a low number. But his front … [Read more...]

The blustery question of what you can control

Years ago when I watched the Open Championship, I used to think that the players in the afternoon draw on Thursday must be frustrated that the morning conditions are almost always easier. We saw in yesterday’s opening round that Dustin Johnson shot 66 in gentler winds and moderate temperatures in the morning. Phil Mickleson played well in the afternoon, but was satisfied with 70. It was the best he could do in the cold, raw wind. Yes, all … [Read more...]