Virtual reality reminds that feeling the swing is real deal

homepic1Interesting WSJ story that virtual reality can help people make change.

Reminds me of Virtually Perfect Golf in the early 2000s, which was a great idea developed by Don Wilson. (I did their PR.) He got the idea that if people could see and feel themselves make a great golf swing within a model, they would improve quickly.

The swing model was based on Canadian pro Ben Kern, the biz created a lot of excitement, and it soon sold franchises, and spawned a number of imitators. Unfortunately, the biz foundered.

However, I learned more about the importance of feel in the swing from VPG. Rather than think about movements in the swing, which is what most people do, you could feel them more acutely, which is ultimately an easier and better way to learn a physical game such as golf. Maybe VR will help golfers in the future, but for now we can rely on our good old sense of feel.

About Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor is a golf and mental performance coach, an award-winning writer, and Head Coach of the University of Guelph golf team. He is the recipient of the 2020 Lorne Rubenstein Media Award, given by Golf Ontario. He is author of The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story, and co-host of the Swing Thoughts podcast with Howard Glassman. And he plays bass in CID—a punk band!


  1. Tim
    If you are still in contact with Don Wilson, could you forward my email address to him to contact me. We are high school class mates from Leaside.

    Tom Butt