Eureka Process—How Jon Weinmaster escaped golf hell

The Eureka Process  focuses on golfers who have substantially improved their games, sharing their stories and their coaches’ perspectives so that we can learn the secrets of their success. The Player: Jon Weinmaster, Oakville Coach: Ben Ferguson, Teaching Professional, ClubLink Academy at Glen Abbey Jon Weinmaster can relate to Ian Baker-Finch, who won the 1991 Open Championship, decided to refine his game only to lose it. Six years … [Read more...]

Eureka! I’ve found the secret. It’s a Process!

For many golfers, the game is as slippery as an eel. At one moment, you feel like you’ve grasped it, but in an instant it slips away. I’ve been on the range about a ka-jillion times it seems looking for some way to hit the ball solid when suddenly something clicks in. The ball rockets off the clubface and locks on my target like a missile. And it feels fantastic. Immediately, I rake over another ball. Bam! Another beauty. And another, and … [Read more...]

Eureka Process—Humble goes for great

If you're of a certain vintage, you probably know him by his Humble handle rather than his golf swing. This is (Humble) Howard Glassman, formerly of Toronto FM stations CFNY and the Mix 99.9 and now host of the Humble and Fred show on Siriux Xm. Humble is a funny dude, but he's also a helluva golfer who managed a feat that most golfers dream of. Over the course of the 2014 season he dramatically improved, going from a 4.2 index to 2.1 with the … [Read more...]