How indifference can help you deal with golf’s ups and downs

Adapted from my most recent book, The Single Plane Golf Swing: Play Better Golf the Moe Norman Way. Paul Casey flew the green from the bunker on the second playoff hole of the Travelers Championship. His chances to win his first PGA Tour event since 2009 also appeared to fly away. You wouldn’t have known it from his reaction. He smiled, walked up to the volunteers earnestly trying to move people and gallery ropes away from his ball. “You … [Read more...]

The Mind Game Part II: Hosel rockets made me a killer!

Performance Coach Paul Dewland is coaching me on the mental side of the game, and I’m sharing my little victories and agonies with you through the magic of blogging. Content Rating: Contains violence. I had lopped off its head. Any golfer who has battled the hosel rockets has had the feeling that he could really lose it, but to have it come to this… even I was stunned. I was playing with my parents, Margaret and Dennis, and my brother Pat at … [Read more...]