Bernier deals with big questions by focusing on little things

Reporters hate doing it: the game-after-game shuffle to the locker of the player in the throes of a spiralling slump. Although the tragic figure never has much to say other than he’s working hard and hoping things work out, the working stiffs want to know what he’s going through, especially when the fallen soul makes a few million a year playing a game. Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier has been the victim much of this season, having … [Read more...]

I sucked playing hockey this season. It was great!

I achieved a breakthrough: I played hockey this winter and I was terrible. I was invited last November to play pick-up hockey. They already had two goalies so it meant I’d be playing out. I said yes mainly because I missed the needling chatter of a dressing room, the sounds of pucks booming into boards, and the frost on the walls of small town arenas. Actually, I was a pretty good goaltender as a kid; I even played “rep” as we call it in … [Read more...]

Mohawks, hotels and Subway: the great hockey tourney escape

I love hockey tournaments. Not to play in them, but to go to them as the van-driving hockey dad. Sean and I enjoy the moment after his team won their division in a Pittsburgh tournament. Sean scored four goals, and the team came together to play their best hockey of the season. My favourite thing in the winter is take my boys to the arena: I coach the minor midget house league team that my 15-year-old son Corey plays on in Guelph, Ontario, … [Read more...]