My most memorable Christmas

The O'Connor gang circa Christmas 1976 or so taken by my father. A happy group, I'd say. A couple of days ago, a friend asked: ‘What’s the most memorable Christmas gift you have ever received or given?’ Instantly, I thought when I was about 14 and my father brought home a boxer puppy late on Christmas Eve, and entrusted me to keep it company and quiet overnight in the basement. There was also the sweater that Sandy knit for me … [Read more...]

A family legacy: Corey wins Uncle Pat’s tournament

Pat Lalonde was a Roman Catholic priest, a beloved teacher, and my uncle. In the 1980s, my cousins Bob and Kenn Lalonde and me played a lot golf around Toronto with our uncle who was a pretty good golfer, but even better with the needle if he thought we were taking it too seriously. Pat died on Thanksgiving weekend of 1987 of leukemia. Within a couple weeks, the nephews held the first Pat Lalonde Memorial Golf Tournament (with cousin David … [Read more...]