Hey golfers! We all want to play golf. But right now … stay the #$&*% @home

We hate change.Failure to change, however, means the death toll grows higher.Change and we reduce the number of deaths, and we will flatten the curve more quickly.But … we hate change. Consider the group of golfers on Wednesday who snuck on Fanshawe Golf Course in London, Ontario, even though the course was closed and everyone except those living under rocks has been told to stay the f*** at home. (For a musical incentive and … [Read more...]

How to make a difference during a virus lockdown? ‘All you can do is, do your best’

An email to a golf professional friend came back with one of those automated replies. Within his message: “I have been laid off …” Ouch. I know many golf professionals and instructors whose ability to make a living has taken a massive hit. Salaried-professionals are being laid off because golf courses in Ontario are not allowed to open. Professionals who live on lesson revenue are trying to figure out—very quickly—how to earn money with online … [Read more...]