A writing update–the Moe Norman golf book


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The Moe Norman instruction book is getting close to completion, so it’s pretty exciting. I wrote the book with golf professional Todd Graves who has built a successful business teaching the Single Plane Swing. Todd became friends with Moe and became so adept at Moe’s swing that he was dubbed Little Moe. Todd really knows Moe’s swing. Hell, enough to write a book about it obviously.

Todd and I worked on the text through early 2013 and finished the first draft in early summer. Based on the fantastic job he did on Swing Machine Golf by Paul Wilson, we engaged Jon Vopni to design our book and do the photography. The book–we’re still working on the title–is beautiful, more than 200 pages.

(I’m also editing a new magazine for Graves Golf Academy called Single Plane Golfer, which will make its debut in June. More about that later.)

I have just emerged from two weeks of reviewing the text in the layouts. Now we just have to take care of details like acknowledgments, jacket cover text, etc. Oh yeah, a title would be good.

I’ll have a better sense of a publication date in a few weeks. I’ll be sure to let you know when I know. Honest.

Now, I’m about to dive back into my biography of Rich Tosi, co-founder of the Mankind Project. More on that next week.












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