A touch of Grace in the face of tragedy


I was driving down Woolwich in Guelph last night when I saw flickering lights by the side of the road. Immediately, I knew what it was. I did a U turn and parked. I got out and walked over. I looked down at the cross made of two-by-fours, the dozens of flowers in plastic, the candles wafting in the wind. And then I noticed the coloured golf balls neatly and lovingly arranged in the brown wet grass. I felt a wave of sadness thinking about Grace Glofcheskie, who was killed early Sunday morning by a driver in a stolen car running from police. I thought about Grace’s devastated family and friends, including members of the U of Guelph golf team which she had captained. I thought of the tragedy for the man who drove the car that killed Grace and for his family.

And then I thought about her friends and perhaps family members who created the make-shift memorial for Grace, her teammates and coaches who are creating an award in her honour, and the way they are remembering her with stories about how she was always doing things for other people.

And that gave me a little hope and even peace for a moment— that what goes around comes around, and that she will never truly be gone from the people she touched and loved. I got back in my car and started driving home when I realized that the memorial was—in a strange way—the most beautiful thing that I’ve seen this Christmas season.

Grace’s family has set up a memorial fund in her honour. To donate, click here.

About Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor is a golf coach, an award-winning writer, and speaker. Tim takes a holistic approach, coaching golfers in the physical and mental aspects of golf. He co-hosts the Swing Thoughts podcast with Howard Glassman, and is the author of The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story. He plays bass in CID—a Guelph punk band!