The Feeling of Greatness

Tim O´Connor´s bestseller, The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story, documents the bittersweet life of Moe Norman, one of the golf´s most engaging characters, from his working-class roots in Kitchener, Ontario to his recognition as one of the world´s greatest ball-strikers.

Re-issued in 2005, The Feeling of Greatness includes three new chapters covering the Canadian legend´s last nine years until his passing in September 2004. The biography features a foreword by Lee Trevino, who has commented, “He´s the best ball striker I ever saw come down the pipe. I don´t know anyone who could hit the ball better than Moe Norman.” His ability garnered him fame and notoriety but alas, so did his extreme shyness and lack of social graces.

“O´Connor tells the story in an objective and sympathetic voice, relating and debunking much of the folklore that earned Norman the stinging derisive label of ´the Clown Prince of golf´ in a well-written, meticulously researched defense of one of golf´s most maligned and misunderstood figures”James McCarten,

Norman has long been a nearly mythical figure among professionals around the world. In 1980 while still a college player, Paul Azinger spotted Norman on a Florida driving range.

“He started ripping these drivers right off the ground at the 250-yard marker, and he never hit one more than 10 yards to either side of it, and he hit at least 50. It was an incredible sight. When he hit irons, he was calling how many times you would see it bounce after he hit it – sometimes before he hit it – and he´d do it. It was unbelievable.”

In January 2005, Tiger Woods told Golf Digest´s Jamie Diaz that only two golfers in history “owned their swing”: Moe Norman and Ben Hogan.

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