Quiet Mind Golf: Playing Better Golf Through Inner Mastery

Seeking a breakthrough? Here’s how you can play better golf and have more fun!

Quiet Mind Golf: Playing Better Golf Through Inner Mastery

Starting April 8, 2022

Nate Robinson
PGA of Canada Golf Coach

Tim O’Connor
Golf & Performance Coach tim@oconnorgolf.ca

Are you:

  • Chronically frustrated with your game?
  • Feeling stuck despite working hard to improve?
  • Spending hours on the practice tee but not playing better?
  • Forever struggling to find the right focus?
  • Dealing with an endless cycle of thoughts and emotions on the course? 

If so, join our six-month coaching program for avid golfers seeking to break through mental barriers and play their best golf!

Through our interactive in-person online workshops, you will learn skills to quiet your mind, draw on your natural talent, experience the ZONE, play to your potential, and have more fun playing the game. With access to coaching for six months and your commitment to a long-term plan, you will be following a proven path to improvement. You will also:

  • Shoot lower scores
  • Silence your inner critic and enjoy greater freedom
  • Three-putt less and get up-and-down more
  • Transfer your range game
    to the course
  • Prepare and plan to play your best in competitions
  • Have more fun and learn more about your capabilities


One two-hour in-person group session per month at Burloak Indoor Golf.

One-hour interactive call per month with Nate or Tim, includes Q&A.

Twice-a-month 30-Minute Learning Webinars.

One 30-minute private Online or Phone session with Tim or Nate per month.


 Be part of a community of avid golfers going through a unique learning experience together, have your questions answered promptly, enjoy access to your coaches between sessions, participate in forum posts, and make new friends.

Join us for a golf adventure like no other you’ve ever Experienced. .



This program is an investment of six months, payable as:


 $600 per month – $3600 + HST

If you pay for six months in advance – $3000 + HST

30-day Refund Policy

What participants to Nate and Tim’s programs have said:

"I thoroughly enjoyed attending Tim and Nate’s Quiet Mind putting clinic last summer. The session allowed me to finally silence the noise in my head and learn to putt without being paralyzed by mechanics. Putting became fun!"
~ Janice
"Tim and Nate have a no-nonsense approach to help you become the best golfer you can be. They provide training and drills to expand your awareness and self-belief. I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to improve in golf and life."
~ Rob
"Nate and Tim take a unique holistic approach to teaching golf by focusing first on your mind, which in turn improves your technique. They show golfers various exercises that promote a sense of freedom, which ultimately leads to better shots. They will teach you that you are good enough to be a great golfer and achieve your goals."
~ James

Stop hoping to play golf to your potential and make a commitment to become your best:

  • Feel better about competitive golf
  • Manage pressure
  • Play from a place of freedom
  • Stop over-thinking
To register or for more information, please email
naterobinsongolf@outlook.com or tim@oconnorgolf.ca
Program starts April 8, 2022
Location: Burloak Indoor Golf, 527 Wyecroft Road, Unit K3G, Oakville, ON