The Getting Unstuck Workshop

Feeling stuck? Spinning your wheels?

Train your mind and spring your game forward this golf season

As a serious golfer, you work on your game and try to do the right things, but you still feel frustrated. You’re not alone. Most golfers feel that they cannot progress no matter what they do.

As a coach, I constantly hear golfers say they feel stuck:

  • Repeating the same mental mistakes over and over
  • They can’t drop their scores or handicap
  • With bad rounds, choking, failed expectations, disappointment
  • Unable to control their thoughts and emotions

The problem

isn’t from a lack of effort or talent, bad genes, or that you don’t have enough time to practice or play.

The problem is your thinking. What you focus on, pay attention to, expect, think about, fear, hope for, where you pay attention, how to you talk to yourself.

Why you’re stuck – Most golfers have minds like a big untrained dog—you take it for a walk, and it yanks you all over of the place. It’s annoying and frustrating.

The solution – Learn obedience training for your mind.

Where to get it?

The Getting Unstuck Workshop

The Getting Unstuck Workshop provides you with tools and strategies that will send you into 2019 season with a trained mind so that you feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions … the key to playing better, having more fun and a richer experience with the game.

Among other keys of mental performance, you will learn to:

  • How to control your thoughts and inner critic
  • Set every game up so it’s a win
  • Free yourself from your limiting beliefs and stories
  • Use awareness to focus and calm yourself
  • Compete better under pressure
  • Draw on the wisdom of Moe Norman’s Moe-isms
  • Have more fun, enjoy more freedom … the keys to great golf

Due to the virus, we've had to postpone our 2020 workshops. We'll update you when the time comes.




These coaching workshops are experiential and interactive, full of exercises, dialogue, stories from the tours and Moe Norman. The emphasis is on learning and training, active participation, sharing your experience, learning from other people’s experience, and getting your questions answered.


As host of the Getting Unstuck Workshop at your club, you will receive 50% of the gate, be the workshop golf instruction expert, boost F&B and golf shop sales at traditionally slow times, and interest your members and guests in your golf instruction program.