Moe the Tournament Player: From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

The following is an excerpt from the opening to Chapter One of the original 'Feeling of Greatness' published in 1995. I rewrote the beginning of the book for the second edition, which was published by Brown Books in 2017. Much to my regret, I did not find a new place for the story below in the second edition. It’s one of my favourite Moe stories of all time.Moe moved into his rigid stance, legs spread wide and ramrod straight, his arms reaching … [Read more...]

How Golf Lifted Up a Down-Hearted Moe Norman

Associate Producer Tim O'Connor recalls how Moe Norman's weakened heart couldn't keep him from the game he loved I met Moe when he was 65. In my time with Moe, I always wondered about his spiritual side, and what his interior life was like. What or whom did he put his faith in, especially during those gloomy days in the past when he felt ignored and disrespected. Moe talked about being the only person who had the feeling of greatness. Did that … [Read more...]