Are You an Earnest Grinder?

Are you an earnest grinder? I’ll bet that, like the overwhelming majority of golfers that I know, you are. How to tell? Do you show up before your round in a desperate search for a swing thought that—'please dear golf gods'—will work today? Are you forever tinkering with your game, trying this and that, combing through your Rolodex of past swing thoughts, and recallilng snippets of wisdom from Uncle Steve? Do you consider yourself a ‘student … [Read more...]

George McNamara: Lessons of a Master

If you’ve had a coaching style for about 20 years, it would be human nature to think your approach is pretty good. You might think of yourself as an expert and a difference maker. Especially, if you've been certified as a Master Professional. But imagine that after two decades or so, you realize something quite alarming—that the approach you’ve been religiously following doesn’t help people. In fact, it prolongs their mediocrity. You might … [Read more...]

Start with the Target

The target is everything Golfers and golf coaches often talk about the game as if there are two distinct aspects—the mental side (how we think) and the physical side (how we swing). But I believe the game is holistic; everything works together. Golf is like life—the whole sch-bang mixes together. In providing golf lessons this season, I’m having a lot of fun combining the mental and physical aspects of golf to coach people on the important … [Read more...]

The Quiet Eye Approach to Putting

There’s no such thing as a miracle cure for anything in golf, but sometimes we can be surprised. The surprise is that rather than doing something more, we perform better when we do less. It’s my experience as a player and coach that most of us cause our own struggles in golf because we’re anxious and trying to swing the right way. In essence, we’re self-interfering. It’s interesting to me that two of the greatest influences on golf coaching … [Read more...]

Are You Doubling Down on Fixes that Fail?

Whether it’s tour pros or weekend warriors, the overwhelming majority of golfers feel like their games are infected by something gross and horrible, but they seem powerless to cure it. A player knows, for example, that if she swings smoothly, the ball will arc triumphantly over a pond. Instead, her iron inexplicably slams behind the ball, and the ball ignominiously scuttles into the drink. Or a player dreams of a buttery putting stroke. … [Read more...]