What I’ve learned playing in a punk band

One of the greatest things about playing in a punk band is just telling people, “I play in a punk band.” Of course, my attention-loving ego is delighted with the surprised look on people’s faces that a 62 year old who plays golf and goes to bed at a reasonable time would play bass in a punk band. I also feel cocky in saying that our Guelph-based band, CID, is 'loud, thrashy … and we’re very good.' We are!Other than the ego … [Read more...]

Bearing witness to fierceness of a blessing kind on a men’s weekend

I feel blessed that I attended a community get-together for men who belong to the ManKind Project Ontario this past weekend. I feel blessed that I can talk to men about the real things in my life—about what scares me, makes me feel crappy, and bewilders me, including what’s going on with the Leafs. I feel blessed that I witnessed a man tearfully disclose a brutal situation in his life to a roomful of men, who then thanked him for showing … [Read more...]

Oh joy! Oh bliss! A resolution-free New Years gift

For this new year, I resolved to make no resolutions. I have made no pronouncements of great heights that I will climb or raging seas that I will swim, and declined to dedicate myself to fantastic feats. Make no mistake, however, I have not abandoned my goals of cheating death and singing solo in public, among other things. Rather, I have worked to develop better habits in 2020 that will allow me to stay ahead of father time and sharpen … [Read more...]

Dragging 2019’s learning kicking and screaming into 2020

Here’s a collection of big and little aha's, goofy insights and discoveries that I've taken into 2020 from what I learned in 2019: I will never again pull up to a gas pump in a rental and wonder if the gas tank door is on the left or right. I just need to look for the little arrow beside the gasoline pump icon on the dashboard. Cool!People who eat gluten free are not trying to be annoying on purposeBest quote I read in 2019: … [Read more...]

My most memorable Christmas

The O'Connor gang circa Christmas 1976 or so taken by my father. A happy group, I'd say. A couple of days ago, a friend asked: ‘What’s the most memorable Christmas gift you have ever received or given?’ Instantly, I thought when I was about 14 and my father brought home a boxer puppy late on Christmas Eve, and entrusted me to keep it company and quiet overnight in the basement. There was also the sweater that Sandy knit for me … [Read more...]