O’Connor Communications

Relationships grow businesses. And strong relationships depend on effective communication. At O’Connor Communications, we help our clients communicate and connect with consumers, business and media. With expertise in public relations and award-winning content creation/management, we help you build and sustain key relationships that grow your business. Our services include: Enhancing, improving and protecting the public profile of … [Read more...]

The Golf Communications Experts

O´Connor Golf Communications is Canada's most experienced golf communications consulting company. Since 2000 we have surpassed our clients´ expectations with our in-depth industry knowledge, extensive media relationships across North America, and proven strategies. By developing your story, we connect you to your target audience. Our current and past clients include respected names such as Nike Golf Canada, ClubLink Corporation, the … [Read more...]

The Mind Game Part II: Hosel rockets made me a killer!

Performance Coach Paul Dewland is coaching me on the mental side of the game, and I’m sharing my little victories and agonies with you through the magic of blogging. Content Rating: Contains violence. I had lopped off its head. Any golfer who has battled the hosel rockets has had the feeling that he could really lose it, but to have it come to this… even I was stunned. I was playing with my parents, Margaret and Dennis, and my brother Pat at … [Read more...]