Be Your Word Workshops

Tim O’Connor speaks about commitment and accountability as positive forces 

Workshops progress through the fundamentals of making commitments and remaining accountable. I introduce concepts to teams within a controlled and accepting environment fostering little victories and building positive habits. Promoting accountability allows organizations to empower employees, increasing engagement and ensures ownership at every position.

Commitment is dedicating oneself to action. Accountability is taking 100% responsibility for my actions and their consequences, whether intended or unintended. Together commitment and accountability promote freedom and better alignment with real goals.

Benefits of commitment and accountability

  • Empowers people to move toward the life they want
  • Develops supportive relationships founded on trust, interdependency and clear communication
  • Improves performance, leading to desired outcomes and personal growth
  • The irony of Accountability—committing to what you want is a commitment to being the person, partner, parent and team member that you want to be

“I attended the Be Your Word course on March 13 with facilitator Tim O’Connor. This was a great session for the group which lead to some excellent discussions. The most impressive part of the day was how Tim facilitated an open environment to discuss our struggles in our roles and he was able to provide us with tools to help us be successful in our busy times. It was one of the first times the discussion revolved around our personal lives and the importance of taking care of our home life which will help us be successful in our work life. Tim provided the group with a fresh new outlook on success which was enlightening for most.”

– Craig Cupido PGA, Director of Operations
RattleSnake Point Golf Club

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