“In preparation for a busy 2015 tournament season, I started working with Tim to learn to better manage my performance. I learned about pre-shot routine, visualization and other processes, and Tim provided me with practical tools. I qualified for every tournament I targeted and I won four events. If you want to become more competitive or just have more fun, I recommend spending time with Tim.”

—Michael Alderman

“Tim has coached me for a while now and he’s made a huge difference in the most important area—my enjoyment of the game. He guides you through a series of mental game basics that improve your preparation, practice and process, and ultimately your scores. And you’ll have fun doing it. Tim is an excellent mental performance golf coach, but his humanity and ability to empathize with you is even more impressive.”

—Howard Glassman (AKA Humble Howard)

“As mental performance coach of our team, Tim O’Connor has a remarkable ability to connect with players and help them get the most out of their games. His skill is second to none in coaching players to successfully deal with negative thoughts, develop personal routines and focus on the shot at hand. Having been around great players as a golf journalist, Tim brings vast knowledge of the game that gives our players perspective that enables them to overcome obstacles. Our team was heartbroken by the death of one of our players in 2015, and Tim supported me emotionally and provided valuable feedback on how to best support our players. Our players opened up to Tim while trying to deal with their emotions.”

—Brandon McLeod, PGA of Canada, Head Coach, University of Guelph  Varsity Golf Team