A writing update–the Moe Norman golf book

    The Moe Norman instruction book is getting close to completion, so it's pretty exciting. I wrote the book with golf professional Todd Graves who has built a successful business teaching the Single Plane Swing. Todd became friends with Moe and became so adept at Moe's swing that he was dubbed Little Moe. Todd really knows Moe's swing. Hell, enough to write a book about it obviously. Todd and I worked on the text through … [Read more...]

The secret of golf revealed–become an ideal student

Before Todd Graves reveals the secret to playing great golf, he always tells his audience: “I know you won’t do this.” So, here it is. The Holy Grail of Golf. The tip of tips. The Secret. Hear it, live it, and pursue it with the doggedness of hobbits trekking to Mordor. Maestro… music please: “Don’t play golf for six months.” Oh wow. There it is. Finally. “Are you kidding? That’s freaking it!” I can hear you say, or variations of … [Read more...]

The Ideal Student doesn’t play golf

So much snow has fallen on lovely Rockwood that I don’t know where to put it all, but it has been a great winter for golf.  In mid-January, I began working on learning the Single-Plane Swing based on the move of the late legend Moe Norman, and—in my earnest way—I’ve pledged to be the Ideal Student. With four feet of snow outside, I’ve been diligently working daily on drills in my basement to learn Moe’s swing. According to Todd Graves, who … [Read more...]

Shooting Moe Norman book successful but unglamourous

  Lucky me. I spent last week on a golf course in Orlando. The weather was mostly fantastic—high 70s in American, mid 20s in Canadian. I wore shorts all week, which is great for any northerner deep into October. Apart from about eight balls on the range at Eagle Creek GC, I didn’t hit a single ball on the course. Instead, I watched professional Todd Graves make what seemed like a million swings. I was on a photo shoot to capture … [Read more...]