Fairways column—Figuring out focus vital to your game.

  This is my Mind Game column from the fall issue of Fairways, the Greater Toronto Area golf publication. Should I focus on my swing? Or forget all the technical mumbo-jumbo and just give it a whack? It’s a question that perplexes many golfers. But they don’t get clear answers from various sources of instruction. Swing instructors are generally fixated on positions, angles and movement—the mechanics of the swing. But the mental … [Read more...]

Finding the right focus integral to good golf

A few weeks ago, my blog about whether golfers show focus internally or externally touched a nerve among some readers, so I've taken another swing at this dilemma that perplexes many golfers. Sean Casey, Director of Instruction at the ClubLink Academy at Glen Abbey, works with fellow academy coach Brad Kinvig. Should I focus on my swing? Or forget all the technical mumbo-jumbo and just give it a whack? It’s a question that confuses … [Read more...]

What’s the right focus: internal or external?

Golfers are constantly receiving contradictory messages about how to play great golf. Taken to an extreme, the mental gurus say the target is everything, and that your focus should be completely external. Trust your swing and focus only on the target—where you want the ball to go. Golf instructors tend to say that you’ve got to constantly monitor your swing mechanics and how your body is moving.  Therefore, your focus is internal. You … [Read more...]

The RoboGolfPro helps capture feel

Talk about a robotic golf swing: Professional Ben Ferguson assists me during a session on the RoboGolfPro at the ClubLink Academy at Glen Abbey GC in Oakville, Ontario. If you get in a conversation with some mid- to low-handicappers about the technicalities of the golf swing, you might wonder why these guys aren’t teaching the game. Seriously, some guys know a helluva lot about the swing—from reading, taking lessons and just working on … [Read more...]

Eureka Process—Humble goes for great

If you're of a certain vintage, you probably know him by his Humble handle rather than his golf swing. This is (Humble) Howard Glassman, formerly of Toronto FM stations CFNY and the Mix 99.9 and now host of the Humble and Fred show on Siriux Xm. Humble is a funny dude, but he's also a helluva golfer who managed a feat that most golfers dream of. Over the course of the 2014 season he dramatically improved, going from a 4.2 index to 2.1 with the … [Read more...]