How Lou Reed taught me to play better golf

Ezine #4—I had the coolest job in the world. In my world, at least. In 1986, I was the music critic for the Canadian Press news agency in Toronto. I was paid to listen to albums, go to concerts and interview rock stars, and write about it all. Among the folks I interviewed one-on-one were David Bowie, Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel and Joe Strummer. Usually, I was pretty cool about meeting these people, but every once in a while I’d get … [Read more...]

Saying goodbye to Lou Reed and his rock ‘n’ roll heart

    It was shocking to learn on Sunday afternoon that Lou Reed had died. He seemed like such a tough guy that he would prevail against most anything. But he had been a smoker, certainly a user of drugs, and a hard drinker. He underwent a liver transplant in April—also a surprise—but he paid the price when his body gave out at 71. Lou was a tough guy. That is, he waded into dark allies with self-assuredness that he’d … [Read more...]