My 2016 Club Championship Confessional

Among the surprises in the 2016 edition of my annual Club Championship Confessional, I learned a late-in-life lesson about lagging, experienced the electrical energy of a missed short putt, and renewed my relationship with Mr. Shank. As your friendly neighbourhood performance coach and writer, I love Club Cs for the post-round stories of quads, yips, chilli dips and four-whacks. And the Club C is a great opportunity for learning—about myself … [Read more...]

What I learned at my club championship

Breathing is always good, carry provisions, and math and the rules are your friends. These are among the things that I learned during my club championship at Blue Springs GC this weekend: • Have an extra CR12 battery for your range finder in your bag. This prevents full-scale panic when you finish a round in the dark when the hardware store is closed, and your morning round starts before the hardware store opens. • Don’t be over-reliant on … [Read more...]