A Workshop That Will Teach How to Make More Putts Without Changing Your Stroke 


Clinics conveniently held at your club facilitated by Golf Coach Tim O’Connor


“After attending Tim’s workshop, my putting improved significantly. The Quiet Mind concept works!” 

Gregg Little, Member RattleSnake Point GC


Are you:

  • Anxious over short putts?
  • Chronically frustrated by your putting? 
  • Demoralized that technical changes don’t result in improvement?

If so, join me for this unique coaching experience in which you’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce tension and anxiety so you putt more effectively
  • Become more confident on short putts
  • Develop a better sense of pace
  • Find out how capable you already are
  • Enter states of flow that can transform your entire game

Through this facilitated coaching experience, you will develop skills of inner mastery and peak performance.

Contrary to what you might think: You are not broken. Your stroke isn’t perfect—there is no such thing. It’s fine. You’re fine!

With Quiet Mind Golf principles, you can lower your scores and play golf with a sense of mastery by drawing on your innate talent and experience.

Contact me for a private lesson or … I’ll work with your golf professional to arrange for this workshop at your club.

“There is no question you will come away from Tim’s workshop with renewed confidence and a clear direction to improvement and more success on the greens.”

Craig Reed, Member Mississaugua G&CC

In this interactive group coaching experience, you will learn skills of awareness that allow you to:

  • Trust your body and natural talent
  • Let go of mental chatter and judgments
  • Learn how to focus
  • Be in the present moment
  • Read greens like elite putters
  • Develop a mindset that reduces three-putts
  • Stop ‘trying hard’ so you start feeling flow
  • Notice and change patterns that impair performance
  • Develop tiny off-course habits that improve your game
  • Perform better under pressure
  • Deal more effectively with negative thoughts
  • Develop skills of awareness that enhance your whole game
  • Become more resilient and less anxious
  • Enjoy more freedom, have more fun—and play better!


Golf Professionals: This is a revenue-producing opportunity for you! 

Contact me at tim@oconnorgolf.ca to learn how. 

To bring this workshop to your club, send an email to
or call 519.835.5939.

I will discuss with your professional how to bring the workshop to your club.

To see if this is a fit for you, contact me for a 20-minute consultation.