One-On-One Coaching with Tim O’Connor

With greater self-understanding and awareness, golfers can play with freedom that allows them to perform at their peak and express their brilliance.

As a coach for players of all ages, Tim O’Connor guides golfers on a journey that allows them to harness the power of their minds, emotions and bodies to discover who they truly are and what they are capable of.

By drawing on your own natural abilities and knowing yourself, you can:

  • develop your skills of mastery
  • rely on yourself to perform under pressure
  • enjoy the rush of competition and sense of connection that golf can provide

Want to play better and learn more about yourself?

If you’re looking to take your game and life to the next level—and have fun doing it—contact Tim O’Connor for performance coaching. (Rates sent upon request.)

Tim is Mental Performance Coach at the ClubLink Academy at Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, Ontario, and available for non-ClubLink Members and professionals. He is Head Coach of the University of Guelph Gryphons golf team.