How the guy code is killing your golf game and keeping you stuck

Like many men, George Daranyi thought he could think his way to a better golf game and life, but it wasn't until he took a hard look at his beliefs and behaviours that he broke through. Last September, George Daranyi was in “full and utter despair.” He was once again in the throes of the driver yips. It got so bad that he considered giving up golf. Then “I realized, childishly, stupidly, ‘What if I got someone to help me?’ It took … [Read more...]

Tiger wins: A tale of transformation

This is my take on how Tiger transformed to become the father, son and man he always wanted to be, and—bonus—a Masters champion once again. As Tiger Woods was joyously hugging his kids, mom and girlfriend after winning the Masters, my brother Sean sent me a text:“Stop crying.”Me: “I can’t.”All over social media, people shared how Tiger’s victory caused major waterworks. The poignancy of Tiger’s unlikely comeback from immense personal and physical … [Read more...]

Realizing what’s important helps Rory break through

When he knocked in his last putt to close the deal on the PLAYERS Championship on Sunday—mercifully killing off the dominant story of 2019—Rory McIlroy showed little emotion. He didn’t exult or act like he’d got a monkey off his back by finally winning after so many close calls that had the chattering classes of golf wondering if the four-time major champion had lost his ability to win when in contention. Going back to last year, McIlroy … [Read more...]

What kind of golfer do you want to be in 2019?

With apologies to Dale Carnegie, do you want to win friends and influence people on the golf course this year? Of course, you do. No one wants to be a jerk—self-absorbed, petulant and pouting (‘Oops, did you say something?’), dis-interested and disconnected (‘I didn’t see it’), fulminating at the golf gods (‘Wow! Another three-putt!’), or a blamer (‘I can’t putt on greens this slow!’). No. You want people to want to play golf with … [Read more...]

Tired of failing to realize your resolutions? Create your mission first 

I’ll bet your goals for a new golf season have been similar to mine throughout the years. Typically, I went into each new season seeking to practice more, which would—I hope—lower my handicap, cut down on three-putts, and increase my fairways-hit stat. How have you done with those goals? Hmm, generally not so great, eh? Me neither. But for the last few years, I’ve done something a little differently … and I invite you to give it a … [Read more...]