Finally! USGA makes no-brainer rules change

dustin jGlory, glory, hallelujah! USGA changes rule!
Now there’s no penalty for accidently moving your ball on the green.
This follows this year’s gong show U.S. Open that almost cost Dustin Johnson.
Now, if you accidently move your ball or your ball marker, just replace them and you’re good to go.
Why did it take this freaking long to get this common sense rules change? A good ol’ sh*t storm of bad PR. Never underestimate the power of outrage, especially in social media era. Hmm, maybe it will work on Trump.
(Note this only applies to balls on greens, so the rules change would not have helped women’s U.S. Open runner-up Anna Nordqvist, who was penalized for accidently touching the sand in a fairway bunker.) via @GolfDigest

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