Buyer beware with Uber

I believe Uber has a ways to go until they earn my complete trust after an incident on Monday morning in which I was billed for a ride that I never took.

Uber initially refused to refund the fare–as per the story below–but after I posted to FaceBook and Twitter about my situation, it refunded the money. I am pleased about that, mostly that Uber has shown some accountability.

Regardless, the situation caused me a ton of stress and to nearly miss a flight home from Orlando, and showed a weakness in the Uber model. Mainly, there’s no one to talk to when a driver doesn’t show up.

Here’s my original post:

I understand some people love Uber, but it billed me for a trip that I never took and refuse to provide a refund.

The money is not important to me–I’m staggered by the lack of respect and accountability. And the gall.

Please share my experience with your network on FaceBook, Twitter and your social media. And help me understand what happened.

Here goes: On Sunday night, I booked an Uber trip from an Orlando home (Lake Nona) to the airport for a flight to Toronto. (I live in Guelph.) The Uber app said Julia would pick me up between 445-5 am Monday. She would be driving a Mitsubishi Lancer ECFJ13.

She never showed. At 510 am, an Uber notification on my phone under ‘Your Trips’ showed a trip taken along Irlo Bronson Memorial road. I was on Budworth Circle.

Uber billed me US $20.26 (Cdn $29.31) for a trip I never took. I asked for a refund. Uber has refused.

I am flabbergasted.

I was forced to call a cab at 515 am that got me to the airport at 615 am for a 645 am flight, and nearly missed my flight. The cab ride cost US $40 (Cdn $56), not to mention some major league stress. (My total cab expenses–for a real and a phantom ride–is $85.31)

I’m blown away that Uber is not taking full responsibility for failing to maintain its commitments, failing to take responsibility for the stress it caused me, failing to refund the money in a timely fashion, and failing to offer an act of service to repair the relationship, especially with a first-time customer. There is zero accountability.

Please share this experience with others to make them aware of the risk of doing business with Uber.

I ask for your comments to help me understand if this is just a risk that one takes in the sharing economy. Thanks.

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