Tim O'Connor, Golf and Performance CoachTim O´Connor

Here’s why I coach:

I believe we’re far greater than we imagine, and far greater than what our conscious minds conceive for us.

While we need our conscious minds to help us navigate our way through life, our thoughts do not define us. Nor do they demonstrate what we’re capable of as golfers, as human beings. Our thoughts are a small part of who we actually are.

As a consequence of being human, and the product of millions of years of evolution, we are blessed with innate gold—immense natural talent and abilities that we cannot comprehend.

If we get out of our own way, learn to access our unique athletic abilities, we bring so many possibilities into play; about the golf we can play, about what we can learn about ourselves, and how we can carry this awareness into the rest of our lives.

It sounds rather grand, but my mission is this: As a compassionate and authentic man, I empower people to be their true selves.

That’s my want for you: To be your true self in all the things that you do.

You’ll have more fun, experience more freedom, and discover new possibilities for your game and your life.

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