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A question for men: You hear a sexist joke. Do you say anything?

Victory was declared yesterday in the worldwide movement against sexual misconduct. Harvey Weinstein was convicted of sexual assault, and now faces up to 29 years in jail. “It’s a perfect test case of what happens when a culture begins to shift,” Deborah Tuerkheimer, a law professor, told The New York Times.This momentary victory will add momentum to the fight against predators, but it’s my sense that a significant change … [Read More...]

How can men make the world safer for women?

On Saturday morning, I was steeling myself for another Globe and Mail article connected to the sexual abuse of Megan Brown, a former University of Guelph athlete. I coach the golf team at Guelph.Instead, I found a disturbing story about a report that the late Jean Vanier, the Canadian founder of L’Arche, had sexually exploited a number of women employees.Really? Jean Vanier! This hit me hard because as a Roman Catholic, and the nephew of two … [Read More...]

She’s Got Game: A timely event to share and heal

Martha Billes, Chancellor of the University of Guelph, addresses the She's Got Game Gala at the university on Feb. 15 I attended the 5th Annual She’s Got Game Gala at the University of Guelph on Feb. 15. It’s an annual event to raise funds for and celebrate female athletes at the university. The timing was interesting and fortunate. The event came after a brutal week for anyone associated with the university—I’m the golf … [Read More...]

Golf Ontario names 2020 Hall of Fame class … and OMG, I’m in it

Golf Ontario announced last week that I have been awarded the Lorne Rubenstein Media Award "presented annually to accredited members of the Ontario media for major contributions to golf." It's incredible to receive an award named after Lorne Rubenstein, my greatest influence in becoming a golf writer. Thanks Golf Ontario for this great honour, and congratulationsto Danny Mijovic for being named to the Ontario Golf Hall of Fame. ONTARIO … [Read More...]

What I’ve learned playing in a punk band

  One of the greatest things about playing in a punk band is just telling people, “I play in a punk band.” Of course, my attention-loving ego is delighted with the surprised look on people’s faces that a 62 year old who plays golf and goes to bed at a reasonable time would play bass in a punk band. I also feel cocky in saying that our Guelph-based band, CID, is 'loud, thrashy … and we’re very good.' We are!Other than the ego nonsense, playing my … [Read More...]

Bearing witness to fierceness of a blessing kind on a men’s weekend

I feel blessed that I attended a community get-together for men who belong to the ManKind Project Ontario this past weekend. I feel blessed that I can talk to men about the real things in my life—about what scares me, makes me feel crappy, and bewilders me, including what’s going on with the Leafs. I feel blessed that I witnessed a man tearfully disclose a brutal situation in his life to a roomful of men, who then thanked him for showing … [Read More...]

Oh joy! Oh bliss! A resolution-free New Years gift

For this new year, I resolved to make no resolutions. I have made no pronouncements of great heights that I will climb or raging seas that I will swim, and declined to dedicate myself to fantastic feats. Make no mistake, however, I have not abandoned my goals of cheating death and singing solo in public, among other things. Rather, I have worked to develop better habits in 2020 that will allow me to stay ahead of father time and sharpen … [Read More...]

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